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1.4.3 GPL v3    
5.0/5 2
Sets fullscreen to Transformice





Transformice FullScreen is a Firefox extension that automatically fullscreens transformice (only for the official website, (in all languages), and for kongregate).

Since v1.4.1, you can use some keys to the URL: salon, width, height, size.
Salon - enters automatically to the chosen room.
Width - changes width of transformice. The value '100' means 100%, so it's the default value (fullscreen). The value '200' means the double of fullscreen, so it adds an horizontal scrollbar. You may use any numerical value you want to.
Height - the same as width, but changes height.
Size - changes both width and height; the values are the same of width and height. This is like a "shortcut", if you want to change both width and height and want a smaller url.

For example, if you want to enter automatically to room 20 and you want the double of fullscreen size (200) at RU server, you may use:

If you want the room 20, double of width, but triple of height, you may use:

The tags work at all transformice servers, excluding the key "salon", that doesn't work at kongregate server.
Last updated on May 16th, 2011

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