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Run profile manager and load additional profiles in a new Firefox instance






Profile Manager and Synchronizer is a Firefox extension that lets you choose to launch an additional profile in Profile Manager. Run profile manager in Firefox and load additional profiles other than the current one in a new Firefox instance. Create, delete, edit the name and path, duplicate and backup a profile. Synchronize between two profiles running on different machines or operating systems like Linux and Windows. Synchronization is recommended to use together with Dropbox ( It is also possible to synchronize Scrapbook and Zetero folders provided that those folders are located within the profile folder.

This extension can be used in but not limited to the following cases:

1. Switch users' profiles if more than one users are using Firefox on the same computer.

2. Run a new profile to use different cookies other than the current one. For example, login to additional Gmail, Hotmail accounts etc. The current tab or all the tabs on the original profile can be smoothly transferred to the new profile according to your choice. (***Notice*** In order to correctly transfer a tab to the new profile, please choose “Show my windows and Tabs from last time” in the Options ->Main->startup->When Firefox starts in the Options of the new profile.)

3. Run a new profile to test a new extension you wish to install. Sometimes, install too many extensions in a profile may slow down the Firefox. With this extension, you can install extensions that are not frequently used to a separate profile and launch that profile only when it is needed.

4. Backup and restore Firefox profiles.

5. Edit the property of Firefox profiles, such as profile name and profile path

6. Duplicate a profile.

7. Synchronize between two profiles (including ScrapBook and Zetero folders) that may running on two different machines or two different operating systems (Windows, Linux or Mac OS).

Instructions on profile synchronization:

1. Install this extension.

2. (recommended) Backup all your profiles from Options-> "Backup All" button. By doing so, all your profiles are stored in a folder you choose.

3. Install Dropbox. Get it from:

4. After installation, dropbox will create a folder in your local disk, in which all the files will be synchronized automatically with its central server. We call this folder DropboxFolder.

5. In the Options Dialog of this extension, first select the profile you want to synchronize, then click "Duplicate Profile" button, choose the "path to the new profile" to the location of the DropboxFolder and give the duplicated profile a name. And confirm to duplicate.

6. In the "Profile Synchronization" section of the Options Dialog, select the original profile as Local Profile and select the newly duplicated profile (in the DropboxFolder) as Remote profile, and then you can click the "synchronize now" button in order to synchronize.

7. In the "More Options" Tab, you can set more options on synchronization including automatic synchronize, synchronize on startup or shutdown etc.

How to use this extension:

1. Click the toolbar button, or the statusbar button, or from Menu "Tools"->"Profile Manager..."
2. From shortcut key: Ctrl+Shift+P
3. Options are accessible by right clicking the statusbar button or from Menu "Tools" -> "Add-ons"
Last updated on April 11th, 2009
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