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Surf your favorite video sites with the Video Downloader + Video Player add-on in Firefox. When a downloadable video is detected, a small message box, similar to the one that indicates your downloads have completed, will appear. Click it and the video will be downloaded and saved to your hard drive. The Download button from the toolbar has the same function. Click the 'explore' button to access all the downloaded files easily.

You can download videos from Youtube and all the big sites. Most addons do this well. However, our technology will work with unknown sites too. Rare are the video sites you will not be able to download from.

There is an expert mode available too (activate it in the addon options), if you wish to find the exact URL of the video files on their source server, among other additions.

You can watch all the videos you have downloaded immediately by clicking the Player icon. You won't have to find an external player which could potentially be bundled with malware. Note that you are able to start watching a video even while it is still being downloaded. It can be useful in a situation where you are uncomfortable with a site's player or if there is too much buffering.

But If you desire to watch your videos outside of the addon, it is not a problem either. You can do whatever you want with the files. They are saved as they are found: their format is not changed. We only rename them, for your convenience.

Additionally, we have integrated our Ant Rankings to the addon, so you can know instantly if you are browsing a popular site, or smaller, potentially dangerous, website. If you are curious about this site we encourage you to click the Rank button to find more informations about it.

Our Video Downloader is available for Internet Explorer as well.

More features to come!
Last updated on March 28th, 2010
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