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ftpput is a tool that allows you to send files through FTP from the command-line.




ftpput is a tool that allows you to send files through FTP from the command-line.

Developer comments

We've long used the wget to fetch data from a remote web or ftp server, but for customer projects we've needed to do the opposite: send a file to a remote FTP server. In the past we've done it either piping a response file to FTP or building a front end with Expect. Neither of this is really the right answer, as they don't handle error conditions terribly well.

Having done this one too many times and gotten sick of it, we decided to write a perl program that talks to the remote server directly using the Net::FTP module. This made the whole thing easy and reliable. The program is not very large at all - just a front end for the real workhorse provided by Net::FTP.

This program takes a handful of options (with only --server being required), plus a list of files to send to the other end. The options can be in any order, and at least one filename is required (it won't read from the standard input).


The password is provided on the command line, and it can usually be seen by anybody running the "ps" command. This is not secure.
There is no way to put files to multiple directories on the remote server - all the files go into the same directory. We don't want to make the target directory depend on the source path, but we may look for a way to do this.
This program has no proxy support (yet)

Download the file and rename it to ftpput.pl.
Last updated on June 16th, 2008

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