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ftp-outboxd provides a FTP outgoing spool handler.




ftp-outboxd provides a FTP outgoing spool handler.

ftp-outboxd sends files and directories placed in certain folders to other hosts. It can handle any number of spools, and can send to multiple hosts for each spool.

It can also recursively handle subdirectories placed in the outgoing "hot folders".

It deletes pending files upon successful transfer, and preserves and retries upon failure.

Installation requires an edit of "ftp-outboxd" itself, and the change of three global variables, "CONFIG", "LOGFILE", and "PIDFILE", to point to where the configuration file, logfile and pid file should be location on your installation.

Except if a global variable, DEBUG, is turned on, runs as a daemon. Please see "etc/outboxd.conf.example" for configuration file documentation.


Net::FTP 5.56 or higher (part of libnet)

What's New in This Release:

Support for a delete-after switch which can be given a time period for which, even if a file still hasn't been sucessfully transferred, it will be deleted, a fix for a bug with resending messages to a good host when sending to multiple hosts and one has failed, and a fix for a bug where if a file is sent with the same name but in different subdirectories it'll not go.
Last updated on May 1st, 2007

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