RSync Manager 0.2.0

RSync Manager provides a set of scripts to manage and automate rsync-reliant sites.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.0/5 19
C. Kotso
ROOT \ Internet \ FTP
RSync Manager provides a set of scripts to manage and automate rsync-reliant sites.

RSync Manager (RSM) is a set of Python scripts to add and update packages for rsync-based mirror sites, and also create some nice HTML statistics from the logs. It is mainly written for large site management, with extensibility in mind.

To get started, run add_mirror. That will ask you some questions (you can use command line editing if your python installation provides with readline module), including the remote site (tha must have rsyncd available), the remote module (which can be a module name like CTAN, or FTP, for example or maybe a path under a module, e.g. ftp/pub/graphics/gimp/), if you want to
exclude something (read rsync man pages about the exclusion rules, you can use many exclude patterns separated with spaces here), if you want compression, if you must use authentication etc.

After you answer all questions that script will create a file under RSYNCDIR/etc/pkg with the name of the remote site. All packages from that site will go in that file. I suggest
you use this script only when adding mirrors, to save you typos.

The main script, do_sync, can be run afterwards. If it is run without arguments it updates all packages. You can also provide command line arguments to update specific packages. All arguments must have the form host::module.

What's New in This Release:

``stats'' creates statistics for the current day now
Whole lotta bugfixes in all three scripts
Changed stats output style

Last updated on May 1st, 2007

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