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NASLite is a Network Attached Storage (NAS) server operating system.




NASLite is a collection of single floppy disk based Network Attached Storage (NAS) Server Operating Systems designed to transform a basic computer into a dedicated file server.

NASLite v1.x is intended primarily for use in a small business or home office network. By design, NASLite v1.x is a community file server and does not support features such as user management , the ability to join domains or disk quotas. However, it is very easy to set-up and use.

Here are some key features of "NASLite":

Easy to operate and to administer
Inexpensive to run and maintain
Remote administration through TELNET
Simple to use configuration menu
Stable and reliable
BIOS independent fixed disk drive support
S.M.A.R.T. support
Large partition and file support
Low hardware requirements
Wide range of PCI hardware support

What's New in This Release:

NASlite-2 HDD will install to IDE and SATA hard disks as well as solid state IDE devices such as Compact Flash with an IDE adapter, IDE Flash disks, Disk-On-Module, etc.
It installs itself in the first 16M of the device with the rest made available for storage.
Last updated on October 30th, 2007

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