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An open source and command-line file transfer software for Linux/UNIX operating systems

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LFTP is an open source, reliable and sophisticated FTP and HTTP file transfer program that uses the award-winning GNU Readline library for input and a command-line interface. Key features include a Bash-like job control, bookmarks, parallel file transfers and a built-in mirror command.

Features support for many file transfer protocols

The application includes support for many file transfer protocols, such as FTP (File Transfer Protocol), HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), FTPS (FTP Secure), HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure), WebDAV, BitTorrent, FXP (File eXchange Protocol), FISH (File Transfer over Shell protocol) and SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol).

Includes support for IPv6 and proxy servers

LFTP includes support for the IPv6 network protocol for both HTTP and FTP file transfer protocols, as well as FTP/HTTP proxy support, FTP over HTTP proxy support. In addition it features automatic OPIE/SKEY support, FTP listings support, as well as HTTP/1.1 keep-alive support.

Come with numerous other attractive features

Being designed from the ground up with reliability in mind, the LFTP program comes with numerous other attractive features, such as suspend support, aliases, file listing cache, thorough scripting support, automatic reconnect and retry for all file transfer operations and support for the “zmore” and “zcat” commands.

Connection limiting, job execution at specified time, URL recognition, context sensitive completion, command history, job output redirection, paging of remote files, and launching of local shell commands is also supported. The magnet, DHT, PEX, Fast, Metadata and Multi-tracker BitTorrent extensions are also supported by the application.

Availability and supported platforms

LFTP is an open source software designed only for GNU/Linux operating systems, supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit hardware platforms. While it is available for download as binary archived for RPM-based distributions, as well as a source archive, the application can be easily installed from the default software repositories of your Linux OS.

LFTP was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on August 20th, 2015
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