Independent FTP Daemon 1.8

An open source FTP server written in Java

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What's new in Independent FTP Daemon 1.8:

  • PASV can reply with different IP addresses depending on which IP address a request was received on.
  • Multiple scripts can be run. Scripts are read from the user file and the groups directory (groupname.scripts).
  • Scripts can be run before and after FTP commands.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.5/5 23
Edward Power
ROOT \ Internet \ FTP
iFTPd, Independent FTP Daemon, is an open source FTP server written in Java. Independent FTP Daemon features platform independence, system independence, ruggedness and a virtual file system.

The target audience of the FTP server is for those admins that need to be able to share files without having to install several other programs and databases and without having to configure the rest of the system.

Here are some key features of "Independent FTP Daemon":

· Platform independence (Where do you want your JVM to go today?)
· System independence
· Does not require any users / groups on the host system.
· Does not require an SQL database.
· Does not does have weird and wonderful dependencies that must be downloaded from 500 different places.
· Ruggedness
· Once started, only the admin can stop iFTPd
· Virtual file system
· Create virtual file links, virtual directory links
· Merge several directories into one virtual directory
· Completely transparent to the user
· Users and groups
· Firewall friendly
· Multithreading
· Text file-based configuration
· Telnet-based status monitor
· HTML status monitor


Check that conf/iftpd.conf is to your liking.
Make at least one group in conf/groups/.
Make sure that at least one of the groups has a root directory.
"/stash/ftp/" r+ "/"
Make at least one user file in conf/users/.
Start iFTPd.
Linux users run:

Last updated on July 25th, 2010

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