BetaFTPD 0.0.8-pre17

BetaFTPD provides a single-threaded, small FTP daemon.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.1/5 17
Steinar H. Gunderson
ROOT \ Internet \ FTP
BetaFTPD provides a single-threaded, small FTP daemon.

BetaFTPD is a single-threaded FTP daemon. The single-threadedness makes it faster than most other FTP daemons (contrary to common belief), and makes it extremely light on memory.

Although it lacks a few functions (which you probably won't miss), the current version is very small and has a decent amount of functionality.

BetaFTPD is built on the concept of heavy code reuse, which should hopefully make it easier for other programmers to contribute.

What's New in This Release:

Support for not running as root.
Fixed a LOT of bugs, some segfaulting, some minor.
MAJOR performance improvements in almost all areas.
Some changes to compile better under Debian GNU/Linux, a debian/ directory, and .deb files available for download.
BetaFTPD will now try to install itself (wow! (not)) in the same directory as the file called `ftpd', if you have that file.
Support for non-Linux platforms! For now, only SunOS/SVR4 and FreeBSD.
Gave the version its own name, like Samba does.

Last updated on May 1st, 2007

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