Xyria:DNSd 0.7.5 / 0.8.0 Pre 5

Xyria:DNSd is an high performance DNS server.

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BSD License 
3.5/5 22
Steffen Wendzel
ROOT \ Internet \ DNS
Xyria:DNSd is an high performance DNS server that supports only the most important features and resource records while being extremely fast and secure.

Xyria:DNSd peoject also supports round-robin load balancing.

Here are some key features of "Xyria:DNSd":

extemely fast implementation (main target)
very secure
ip-address based listen()'ing
supporting IPv6 addresses and resource records
load ballancing via round robbin
running under an low-privileged UID & GID
running under little endian systems: (at least) Linux, Solaris, OpenBSD
nice configuration syntax/easy to configure
DNSd able to forward querys
DNSd can run as caching only-server

What's New in 0.7.5 Stable Release:

The database was modified. Now DNSd uses a hashed array of pointers to binary trees including single linked lists for double valued hashes.
It sorts the zones (by TTL) by itself (the admin doesn't has to care in which order he has to place the zones in the config file).
Some code cleanup and a small bugfix are also included.

What's New in 0.8.0 Pre 5 Development Release:

Urgent fix: Fixed the installation part of the Makefile.

Last updated on August 16th, 2008

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