Java Dynamic Dns Client

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Java Dynamic Dns Client is a DNS client application written in Java.





Java Dynamic Dns Client is a DNS client application written in Java. It has been tested on Windows 32, Linux and Mac OS X. It can run on any other java enabled platform.

A Dynamic Dns Client enables you to run a web server on your computer at home. Whenever your Face Ip changes the client automatically updates the Ip settings of your web site name with your Dns Service Provider.

Java Dynamic Dns Client has now been integrated with the Host Management Extension Project. For source code or further details please check out this project. The Java Dynamic Client project now includes a fully configured bundle, which fulfills the functions required by a Dynamic Dns Client.

Here are some key features of "Java Dynamic Dns Client":

Easy to configure. Editing of XML configuration files optional.
All settings and the current status are stored in XML files. These are automatically loaded when the system restarts.
Mail Notification.
Automatic Ip identification from Router, Web Service, or File.
Works practically with all web enabled routers.
Can use UpnP, SNMP, HTTP, External Web Site, to determine the current IP.
Automatic Retries
Accessibility Monitoring
Runs as a servlet (TODO), a windows service/linux demon, or as a console application
supports unlimited number of zones
can run behind NAT, DSL-Router
JMX enabled -> remote API access, access per JMX http browser, access per JMX enabled monitoring application
TCP Redirector for redirecting TCP/IP streams from a given port to a different port and/or different host

What's New in This Release:

Reimplemented Provider invocation. It is now easy to add new providers. see here.
Minor bugs resolved
Changes to comply with certification. multiple zone monitors support. rport (in-port) cannot be changed and has been fixed to 58800.
NOTE: the Buddy check function is buggy. I have still not been able to resolve the JXTA issues.
Set authentification for web access. Default user name/ password: mx/mx. User name/passowrd can be changed in the MxHttpAdapter bean or in the according xml file.
Last updated on August 3rd, 2008
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