DHCP-DNS 0.52mdn

DHCP-DNS update DNS servers according to DHCP requests.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.1/5 20
Sylvain Baudoin
ROOT \ Internet \ DNS
DHCP-DNS update DNS servers according to DHCP requests.

This version is an upgrade of the real v0.52 version. It only includes support for servers that manage several domains (multiple domain name). It is no longer a need to tell the name of the domain the DNS server administrates.

One just tells the path to your dhcpd.conf file and the perl script manages alone to find the domain names (option domain-name).

A problem could occur when puting a host from a LAN to another. This problem does not come from the perl script, but from the DHCP server: in old DHCP servers, the implementation does not totally respect the RFC2131 that specifies that to release a lease, the client must provide its UID and its current IP address.

Older DHCP servers were releasing leases only according to UIDs, and were investigating IP addresses only if no lease for the UID had been found. This problem is solved since the version 2.0pl2.

However, it is very easy to patch an old server to make it compliant, and that's what has been done in the version 2.0b1pl6 version available on this site.

Last updated on November 22nd, 2005

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