4PSA DNS Manager 3.0

4PSA DNS Manager is a multitenant software automation tool designed to deliver advanced DNS hosting to service providers.

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4PSA DNS Manager4PSA DNS Manager4PSA DNS Manager
4PSA DNS Manager is a multi-tenant software automation tool designed to deliver advanced DNS hosting to service providers, businesses, and individuals. It centralizes zones from hosting servers on a single, fail redundant DNS infrastructure and allows hosting customers to still change DNS zones in the native hosting control panel interface.

Zones on the 4PSA DNS Manager server can be easily managed and replicated, including by end users, that can have full access to their DNS zones (this makes sense when zones are not replicated from hosting servers).

The software can be installed in a fail redundant, geographically distributed infrastructure and requires almost ZERO maintenance, because replication must be setup only when the DNS node is installed.

Here are some key features of "4PSA DNS Manager":

Multi-tenant DNS Hosting

DNS hosting running as a service, with multiple management levels. DNS admin can consolidate zones information on a single machine from hundreds of hosting servers and thousand of clients zones, and each client can log in, access and manage his own DNS records.

DNS Hosting Automation

DNS zone end users have access to the application's web interface and can modify their zone settings in real time. Data replication to redundant DNS servers is performed automatically, within minutes, reducing administration and operational workload. Adding new servers to an existing infrastructure can be done in minutes.

Geographically Distributed DNS Hosting

With DNS Manager, service providers can provide redundant DNS services to their clients. DNS manager can gather and manage zone information from servers located elsewhere, so when the server is upgraded or during a communication breakdown or a power outage, DNS Manager provides DNS redundancy.

Replication with Remote Servers

DNS Manager architecture allows to the customers to disable the DNS server on their hosting machines, synchronize them with the provider's DNS hosting infrastructure, and yet to allow their hosting clients to create, delete, and edit zones in the native hosting control panel interface. All changes replicate to DNS infrastructure within minutes.

Virtualization and HA Ready

A service provider can deploy multiple 4PSA DNS Manager sessions on the same physical server, on each VPS the administrator having absolute control over server resources. The High Availability setup makes 4PSA DNS Manager a "must have" application for non stop 24x7 service provider environments.

DNS Manager is packed for a wide range of 32bit and 64bit Linux distributions. The product is also available in easy to install and maintain templates for Virtuozzo and OpenVZ. 4PSA DNS Manager is compatible with the following operating systems:

RedHat Enterprise Linux Server 5 (i386/x86_64)
RedHat Enterprise Linux (AS/ES) 4 (i386/x86_64)
RedHat Enterprise Linux (AS/ES) 3 (i386)
CentOS 5.x (i386/x86_64)
CentOS 4.x (i386/x86_64)
CentOS 3.x (i386)
Suse 10.3 (i386)


The software can be downloaded and used for free with up to ten DNS zones.

Last updated on April 9th, 2008

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