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A free, pre-configured and ready-to-run bundle of Django, PHP, Java and Ruby on Rails.

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Bitnami DevPack is a free, pre-configured, platform-independent and ready-to-run bundle of the most popular open source web-based applications, libraries and tools, designed to be deployed in the cloud. It is Bitnami’s most important stack that allows you get a sophisticated web application development environment in minutes, with minimum effort and without having to pay for expensive products.

What’s included?

The DevPack product from Bitnami come pre-loaded with numerous web technologies that help users to create feature-rich web apps, including the Apache and nginx web servers, Git and Subversion version control systems, Java programming language and runtime environment, PHP server-side scripting language, MySQL database server, Node.JS JavaScript framework, phpMyAdmin administrative front-end for MySQL, and PostgreSQL database server/

In addition, the Apache Tomcat servlet container, Ruby on Rails programming language, Python programming language, CakePHP rapid development PHP framework, Laravel PHP framework, MongoDB database server, RockMongo administrative front-end for MongoDB, Zend Framework PHP object-oriented web application framework, as well as the libyaml, nodeunit, OpenSSL and Tomcat Native libraries.

Includes even more goodies

In addition to the above, the Bitnami DevPack product include even more goodies, such as a wide range of tools for the Amazon Web Services (AWS), including aws-cli, aws-cloudformation, aws-ec2-api, aws-rds-cli, aws-sdk-java and aws-sdk-ruby, the Phusion Passenger web and app server, Symfony high performance PHP framework, Varnish HTTP accelerator, Bower Web package manager, Express Node.js web application framework, Jade programming language, Mongoose web server, and AWS SDK for JavaScript (awk-sdk-js) tool.

Supports Windows Azure and Amazon EC2

Bitnami DevPack is crafted in such a way that it allows anyone to run their own web application development environment server in the cloud, through the Windows Azure or Amazon EC2 web cloud hosting services. The cloud images are based on the latest LTS (Long Term Support) release of the Ubuntu Linux distribution. You should also check out the Bitnami WebPack product, which includes some of the most popular web content management systems (CMS).

Bitnami DevPack was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on December 21st, 2014
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