Bitnami Zurmo Module

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A module for the Bitnami Zurmo Stack, which greatly simplifies the installation of Zurmo

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Bitnami Zurmo Module is an open source, cross-platform and freely distributed module for the Bitnami LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl) appliance, which simplifies the installation and hosting of the Zurmo CRM software.

What is Zurmo?

Zurmo is an open source and free CRM (Customer Relationship Management) web-based application that can be described as gamified, social and mobile. It comprises of various components, including deal tracking, reporting, contact management, marketing automation and workflow.

Installing Bitnami Zurmo Module

If you’re wondering yourself how to install this module on your Bitnami LAMP server, the answer is simple. Download the module for your operating system, run it and follow the instructions provided on the installer. Its deployment is not much different than the one of the Bitnami Zurmo Stack, only that it doesn’t include a web server, database and other required components, which means that is much smaller in size too.

Run Zurmo in the cloud

Thanks to Bitnami, you can now run the Zurmo CRM software server in the cloud with their web hosting platform or by using a pre-built image for the Windows Azure and Amazon EC2 cloud providers.

The Bitnami Zurmo Stack

Besides the Bitnami Zurmo Module reviewed here, Bitnami also provides you with a native, one-click installer that will install and configure the Zurmo CRM on any operating system (see the section below for details).

Supported operating systems and architectures

Being designed from the ground up as a cross-platform native installer, the BitNami Zurmo Module has been successfully tested with the BitNami LAMP application on GNU/Linux, the BitNami MAMP software on Mac OS X and the BitNami WAMP solution on Microsoft Windows operating systems. Both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures are supported at this time.

About BitNami stacks and modules

BitNami is a fructuous company that provides numerous appliances and great software project for a wide range of web-based products, from project management and web blogs to customer relationship management and content management systems solutions.

Bitnami Zurmo Module was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on July 22nd, 2015
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