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php4dvd project is a small yet powerful, PHP/MySQL powered movie database.




php4dvd project is a small yet powerful, PHP/MySQL powered movie database.

Here are some key features of "php4dvd":

Search for movie information
and stores this detailed information (like directors, actors, poster, language...)
Add covers to your movies
Powerful and quick search function
Very configurable, easy to use
Layout is based on a template which you can easily adjust


Apache 2
GD2 library to be able to upload (and resize) covers
MySQL >= 4.1

What's New in This Release:

php4dvd can be installed or upgraded with the web installer.
More information is added to the movie: format, personal notes, if you have seen it, if you own it and if you loaned it out.
Sort by drop down box to sort by more criteria.
Added paging, so you can select how many movies you want to view per page to speed up the site.
Added user login with guest, editor and admin users.
Your search is saved, so when going back to the search page, the same search results appear.
Code split up into include files for easier development.
Added delete button when showing movie information.
Updated to the latest imdbphp class (v1.0.3)
Fixed the check for JPG covers only, any other format is not supported.
When downloading the cover, the file generated will get the name of the movie instead of the id of the movie.
Added path of the movie images and covers to the config. This location can be adjusted.
Removed double plotline from the movie overview.
Loading screen when building the list of movies.
Last updated on May 22nd, 2008

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