kio-clucene 0.1.0

kio-clucene provides an indexed search engine for KDE.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
xavier helluy
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kio-clucene provides an indexed search engine for KDE.

kio-clucene is a KDE search ioslave that uses clucene, a C++ implementation of lucene, a well-known full-featured text search engine library. kio-clucene gives any KDE application friendly access to searching the content of files inside directories, archives, and many virtual file systems. Optical character recognition (OCR) is supported by using a program like gocr, allowing the text content of images to be indexed.

Here are some key features of "kio clucene":

kio-clucene can search for
· full text content
· mimetype
· metainfo
· mod. dates
· path names
· multifield queries are possible (a multifield search-dialog can be used (or not))

kio-clucene can index
· local files
· remote files (ftp,pop3,... (basic support))
· archives (basic local support)
· read-only data stored on cds,dvds.
· text inside images using optical character recognition OCR programs like gocr

kio-clucene stores previews of
· all images
· all videos

kio-clucene can search on
· a single index
· multiple indexes
· Multithreaded search-daemon.

Integration with KDE
· kio-clucene integrates well to the existing kde-framework. You can use kio-clucene from
· konqueror location-bar
· kicker "run command"
· "Alt+F2" "run command"
· any apps, using the openfile dialog
· Example: from kpdf, you could open the file-dialog and search very fast for your pdfs like adobe acrobat reader can do.

The ioslave is build to be user-friendly
· it works a bit like KDE remote-ioslave
· it can call a search-dialog which allow for multifields queries
· it displays recent queries
· recent queries can be saved to desktop-files
· => this almost emulates "virtual folders"

· The search engine is based on clucene, a c++ implementation of apache/lucene. clucene allows for sophisticated queries like:
· proximity-words queries
· but kio-clucene does not implements queries of the form *substring yet.

Display of the results
· So far only standard KDE-listviews are used to display the URLs of the matching documents. No kpart is provided for the display/sorting of the results like beagle can do.

Instantaneous file indexing
· This is not provided by the indexer, but any KDE application can make use of DCOP to request the indexing of any URL. Instantaneous indexing is a kernel/kdecore problem. But Suse 9.3 already ships with beagle installed, and an inotify-enabled kernel. So those features should soon be available with KDE too.

kio-clucene build-system is Scons-enabled
· Kio-clucene make use of the scons build and install system.


· clucene-0.8.13
· kde 3.4 - kdelibs-devel

What's New in This Release:

· fixed more compilation problems (Jol)
· made scons build better ( and
· fixed bug on query with empty list of indexes

Last updated on February 1st, 2007

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