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eKitaab is an eBook Catalog Manager to manage large collections of ebooks. eKitaab is not a eBook reader.





eKitaab is an eBook Catalog Manager to manage large collections of ebooks. eKitaab is not a eBook reader.

eKitaab displays a list of all books you have, with their titles, authors, description and a photo of the book covers. It also shows if you have read that book before or not (for multiple users as well in case you have more book lovers in your house/group). eKitaab downloads all this information from the Internet, based on the ISBN of the book, or by searching by author or title.

eKitaab is designed to be extremely safe for the eBooks... the eBooks themselves are never changed. eKitaab stores basic information about the book by changing the filename to include the title, author and ISBN. The other information is downloaded from the Internet and not stored locally (but caching is implemented, to reduce repeated downloads).

Here are some key features of "eKitaab":

No proprietary format, no database
Since the filename themselves contain the ISBN, all other details can be downloaded at view-time (this is cached)
If you send this file to someone else with eKitaab, they can import this file into their copy with any retagging.
If you want to use another eBook manager software in the future, there is no constraint of data export.

See your entire ebook collection

Book Description
Book Covers
Ready By (Reading Lists / Status)

All details including Title, Author, ISBN, Descriptions and Cover Details are automatically populated from searches from Amazon. You can also enter the Title, Author and ISBN manually if you know them.

What's New in 0.5.5 Stable Release:

New Features:

Added text search feature for all fields
Opening ebooks for reading in the default viewer based on OS settings
Automatically check for new version


Upgraded to mimimum requirement of Java 1.6. This is because the search feature and opening file in default application feature is supported only in Java 1.6.

What's New in 0.6 RC2 Development Release:

Fixed default fonts in the bottom pane.
Optimised the tagging code, now the authors pane does not refresh every time you add or remove a tag or reading list.
Fix for slow loading of the bottom pane; this was due to the image downloading from Amazon. Now the image is loaded in a thread, so browsing through the items in online mode is significantly more responsive.
Added ClearLooks theme by default.
Cleaned up About box.
Other minor bug fixes
Last updated on June 29th, 2007
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