Zivios 0.6.2

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What's new in Zivios 0.6.2:

  • When Zivios 0.5.1 was released, we were fairly confident that coming releases would follow quickly. However, because of a significant delay in releasing Zivios 0.6.0, a lot of planned functionality was put on the back burner. The OpenLDAP module for example badly needs to incorporate configuration and monitoring options. The Squid plugin had not been brought up to speed with the new communication model. Upgrading Zivios was a painful process, requiring users to be quite familiar with OpenLDAP configuration, Zivios schema definitions, and in some cases, getting their hands dirty by digging into the code.
  • With the communication model “near” finalized (I say “near finalized” as standardization across all modules is still pending, as is a bootloader and resource manager for modules), we were able to concentrate on adding some much needed features to the 0.6.2 release.
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GPL v3 
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Zivios is a web based control panel which brings together vital open source technologies needed by medium and large enterprises. At it's core, Zivios provides identity management, single sign-on, user, group and computer provisioning, as well as remote management of services.

Zivios offers an easy and extensible API, allowing organizations to extend the core application with additional plugins for their in-house or third party software.

Thie project is an open-source software released under the GNU General Public License v3.

Zivios aims to be a consolidated management portal for providing core infrastructure services using opensource technologies. The long term goals of Zivios are:

 * Identity Management
 * Single Sign-on and Certificate authority
 * Package and Patch Management
 * Service Management
 * Network Monitoring
 * Backup provisioning
 * Core Infrastructure Services (NTP,DNS, etc)

With an infinitely extensible plugin architecture, Zivios extends all aforementioned fundamentals to an arbitrary number of services. The ideology behind Zivios is that datastore for services can be (and most likely, will be) different. As such, we cannot depend on Ldap or Kerberos to fulfill our identity Management needs. Zivios allows the use of plugins which maintain their own independent datastore following CRUD operations.

With an extensibile framework, Zivios addresses the needs of complex heterogeneous deployments by providing an open and scalable API for modular development and sanitized consolidation.

Why Zivios?

Opensource software has progressed to the point where it can (feature-wise) compete with many proprietary offerings. However, use of such technologies stay limited to large corporations who have experienced and highly skilled IT staff. Zivios consolidates and simplifies the use and management of complex technologies and builds on them to provide an integrated identity management platform. With an infinitely extensible plugin system, any application can be managed via Zivios.

We feel that managing a fully featured opensource network is currently out of reach of the average administrator. Integration and proper management of servers, services and identity requires intricate knowledge and, unfortunately, has a rather steep learning curve.

Last updated on August 6th, 2009

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