YAPAB 0.1b2

YAPAB provides an address entry collection system based on PostgreSQL.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
ROOT \ Information Management
YAPAB provides an address entry collection system based on PostgreSQL.

YAPAB is an address entry collection system.

It has many features including user accounts with adjustable permissions, multi-language support, IM between users, import/export functions for common file formats, group actions to collect entries in reachable places, and the ability be used under any browser and operating system.

Project was started with a need of address book to collect our all address
entries which had lost somewhere in books at home, work or some other address
programs deep sides. We need to collect all of them under a program." That
was the story; here is the real, working and improved one of the program
laying in front of you.

Here are some key features of "YAPAB":

Multi-Language support, which can be ported to every codeset included in W3C standards,
Multi-User support, means that you must have a yapab account (out of system account) to enter the program and use processes,
Permissions for every account which can be edited by system admins (admin has a permission level of 2),
IM (Instant Messaging) support between accounts, *W1*
Logging functions, to follow account and entry processes based on the program and database, *W1*
Database entry and account specifications listing, *W2*
Import and export functions to keep connection between other address book program formats especially based on open source licenses, *W2*
Group actions to collect address entries under defined groups by accounts to improve the collection of entries. *W2*
Platform independent, can be ported to every kind of operating system which has the basic requirements,
Database independent, we recommend usage of PostgreSQL but also can be used with other database programs (such as MySQL).

What's New in This Release:

Second beta release of the program. Tested by users.
Highly encouraged to upgrade 0.1b2 for 0.1b users.
Don't recomended for urgent records.

Last updated on February 2nd, 2007

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