XINA 0.7

XINA provides a Web database and content management system.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Michelle Murrain
ROOT \ Information Management
XINA provides a Web database and content management system.

For Web database functions such as membership databases, job posting databases, and client databases, as well as simple or complex content management functions, it has the functionality to be a complete Web site solution.

It is weighed heavily in the direction of creating strong relational database management facilities in an integrated package that also includes authentication and authorization, Web logging, messaging, content and information management, data analysis, and import/export facilities.

Here are some key features of "XINA":

1) Basic Web database
a. table creation
b. table deletion
c. table editing (structure)
d. table report design
e. calendar output for dates
f. simple, multi-table, and advanced search
g. record entry, deletion and editing
h. use pre-designed forms for data entry
i. create multi-page form applications with conditional movement and confirmation pages
j. entry form generation dynamically by database structure
k. relational database: lookups for form generation, linked tables, detail tables
l. two types of value lists for menus, radio buttons and checkboxes, dynamic (based on table records) or static (defined in configuration).
2) Authentication and authorization
a. password protected back-end interface
b. password protect whole site if wanted
c. authenticated data access and editing (a link will bring up the users data automatically)
d. Different user types (superuser,editor,user)
e. access to specific applications (like table editing) determined by authorization
f. Access to specific tables also controlled by authorization
3) Document management features
a. fields for holding files
b. upload files from input form
c. search contents of linked files (even binary files such as .doc,.xls or .pdf)
4) Web content management features
a. sections and subsections that can be added and deleted at will
b. dynamic navigation bar on side and cookie crumbs
c. 'news' article format
d. discussions off of articles
e. articles can be discussable or not
f. full page format - like a basic web page
g. full index mode
h. link web content articles to database records
i. Wiki mode for pages is an option
5) Logging
a. actions (login, entry,edit) can be logged
6) Messaging
a. actions (login, entry,edit) can be linked to e-mail message to a specified recipient
7) Style features
a. Template driven (create HTML templates that are called by all XINA programs)
b. All web content and database output generated with configurable stylesheets
8) Interoperability features
a. easy table data import and export (delimited format)


You control and own an html and cgi-bin directory (root access and/or telnet/ssh access may be helpful).
Perl 5.6 (xina does work with perl 5.8)
MySQL (3.x) or PostgreSQL (7.x)
The following perl modules:
DBD:mysql or DBD:pgsql

What's New in This Release:

Refactored scripts
A few new features
A bit easier install

Last updated on February 8th, 2007

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