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Work Order is a web-based ticket processing system available from Network-Technologies is new software written in PHP.




Work Order is a web-based ticket processing system available from Network-Technologies is new software written in PHP. Our system enables you to quickly setup a work order/ticket tracking system for as many branches as you need.

The program is currently configured for a Computer shop and it handles that task without any problems.

Installation instructions: Download the file, extract the archive, upload to your web directory, run setup.php. If you are updating, just overwrite all the old files. If you delete the old installation you will loose your config files. Then run setup.php and click on Update on the top right corner.


· Hardware minimum (estimate): 500MHz to 1GHz CPU, 256MB to 1GB RAM, 5GB HD
· Operating System: Windows or Linux, Linux is more cost effective and more reliable. You can purchase small preinstalled servers from us!
· Software: Apache, PHP5, MySQL5
· Clients: Mozilla/Seamonkey Suite or Firefox Webbrowser is recommended. Internet Explorer is supported but the browser has some rendering problems.

What's New in This Release:

· Update: 0.4.2-1, Updated setup program.
· Update: It is now possible to disable the shipping address fields when creating a new customer. The control panel has a new option called: "Enable Shipping Address". Professional edition only.
· Update: Main overview tickets are now using a template found in skins/standard
· Version 0.5.1 will run completely on the templates and will include code to user your own.
· Update: Added private notes field to tickets. This field is not printed out and is only visible when editing a ticket. Professional edition only!
· Update: Setup now checks for the existence of the MySQL PHP extension. This fixes the problem where the setup would do nothing after clicking on "Test Settings"
· Update: Setup has helpful pop ups now to aid the installation process
· Update: Added input validation to the setup program
· Update: Setup can now handle special characters properly
· Update: User account code updated, disabled user accounts can no longer login
· BugFix: Installing into an existing database might have displayed an error message
· Bugfix: Fixed error when uninstalling tables only.
Last updated on September 19th, 2007
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