The Modular Manual Browser 1.2

The Modular Manual Browser is a set scripts designed as a man/apropos work-alike.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.5/5 17
Greg Schenzel
ROOT \ Information Management
2 The Modular Manual Browser Screenshots:
The Modular Manual BrowserThe Modular Manual Browser
The Modular Manual Browser is a set scripts designed as a man/apropos work-alike. It indexes manual pages across different operating systems and displays them in a searchable database in a Web browser.

It is easy to set up and includes highlighting, linking support in man pages, browsing and searching of pages, categories, and manuals.

It can also optionally set up a database containing descriptions of pages from the page titles.

What's New in This Release:

BUGS, COPYING, INSTALL, INSTALL.roff, Makefile, README, README.roff,, config.php, index.php, mandb.php, modfunc.php, modman.php, api/files.php, api/modfunc.php, api/pages.php, api/whatis.php, install/BUGS, install/COPYING, install/INSTALL, install/INSTALL.roff, install/Makefile, install/README, install/README.roff, install/, tmp/.local: api split up, install data moved, so that modman may be dropped directly into webspace. mandb.php can pick up multi-line descriptions now.
Apropos results can be filtered by Section or Manual, but not Page (obviously).
whatis pseudo-database implemented, enabled by default in config.
Sections include Subsections (3->3ucb, 3ucb->3ucblib). Local Apropos and description support added via apropos/whatis programs.
Release 1.2 -- The Small-Box/WhatIS Release.

Last updated on July 18th, 2005

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