Text_Wiki 1.2.0RC1

Text_Wiki allows you to transform Wiki text into HTML, LaTeX, RTF, PDF, and more.

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Text_Wiki Team
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Text_Wiki is a project that allows you to transform Wiki text into HTML, LaTeX, RTF, PDF, and more.

The Text_Wiki package allows you to transform text structured using Wiki rules into any defined target output format.

For example, you can convert Tavi-style Wiki text into XHTML, original C2-style Wiki text into XML, MeatBall style Wiki text into LaTeX, or any other Wiki markup rules into any other format (provided it's programmed properly).

Text_Wiki achieves this level of flexibility by using one class for each part of the transformation process:

· one class for parsing each markup rule (e.g., bold, code, wikilink, etc)
· one class for rendering each general format (e.g., XHTML, DocBook, RTC, etc)
· one class for rendering each rule in each format


· The current release only supports XHTML and plain-text output. RTF, LaTeX, DocBook, and so on will be added as the codebase stabilizes and matures.


· PHP Version: PHP 4.0.0 or newer
· PEAR Package: PEAR Installer 1.4.0b1 or newer

What's New in 1.1.0 Stable Release:

· instantiate renderers only as needed
· factory() method introduced for instantiating Text_Wiki objects
· singleton() static method to get a single object instanciated pro parser (merci davidc for advices)
· The constructor is now deprecated in favor of the new singleton() or factory() methods
· Default also have its own class now, wich means Text_Wiki is a pure abstract class
· Renderers now have their own methods for:
· text: textEncode() defaulted to php htmlspecialchars()
· for Xhtml render to the text encoding choosed in conf (#5953, thanks jocke at selincite dot com)
· url: urlEncode() defaulted to the php rawurlencode()
Wiki general:
· Correct the key used in changeRule(), ensure no double new rule.
· Page names and anchors Urlencode() as render required (e.g. may contain spaces)
· Interwiki: parser may now give the full url instead of site+page (Mediawiki need)
· Improved test.
Latex render:
· Only variables should be assigned by reference (#6010, thanks twells at smarterliving dot com)
Plain render:
· Interwiki: Complete the rendering with indication of (url) or (site:page)
Xhtml render:
· Rendering Fix for Tables (Missing Whitespace) (thanks ritzmo)
· Added support for two-token URLs
· ## This allows formatting within URL text and proper rendering into other Wiki dialects (assuming that your parser supports the new feature. The Default parser does not yet support this.)
· Del , one of the funders of the original code fully as pear developer
· JustinP is now lead

What's New in 1.2.0RC1 Development Release:

New Features:
· Experimental new rendering method introduced that uses preg instead of char-by-char parsing. Please test for both speed and memory usage
· Internal Text_Wiki error handling used in factory and singleton
· Needed files are now required
· bertrand Gugger has left development of Text_Wiki
Bugs fixed:
· Raw output is now encoded in Xhtml renderer to avoid XSS attacks
· Bug 8313 fix anchor output in Xhtml/Wikilink when used in conjuction with sprintf (thanks to bjs5075 at rit dot edu)
· Fixed various encoding issues with Xhtml/Wikilink URLs
· Bug #7091 fixed variable substitution in Latex renderer (thanks randlem at bgsu dot edu)

Last updated on January 19th, 2007

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