Software Engineering Environment 0.07

Software Engineering Environment is an information manufacturing platform for software development.

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ROOT \ Information Management
Software Engineering Environment (SEE) is frame for manufacturing information. It is implemented in sevlet and xml, and is used by the web-browser.

Software Engineering Environment (SEE) attempts to provide the information manufacturing platform for software development.

SEE is a free project, that is the author will provide all of its source code at the same time.
It runs in any servlet environment (The author merely verified in the Win and Linux environment), not using any special technique and needs no auxiliary program.

All of its data are saved in XML files, and need not database. (The future release will support the option of saving data, so that the user can select some free database, such as mysql, or commercial database to improve SEE speed.)

This means that the user can run SEE without any money. (Tomcat is a free servlet environment.)

User uses all SEE functions with the web-browser. So information sharing is very convenient.

SEE supports Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and English now.( It will support any language if someone will translate.) User can switch to interfaces in different language at any time when SEE is running. And user can add language translations which will work at once.

The main body of SEE is a frame for information manufacturing. All information included in it can be costumed dynamically and all changes will get into effect immediately. This means that the user can modify or add her/his own information structure as will at any time.

SEE provides various predefined selections for information attributes, which correspond various predefined information manufacturing patterns. The user can focus on the information description when costuming information definition, and the system will implement the functions automatically. This is the core of SEE. Most functions of SEE are in this model.

The default information definition of SEE is the result that the author understands what is the Software Engineering.

Although the target of SEE is helping for software development, actually, user can use it to design any type information, such as book registering, personnel lists, and financial reports etc.

The speed of SEE is not bad. Reading and writing 20000 records needs no more than 1 second. At present, the sorting speed is 9 seconds for 5000 records. (The testing platform is 1.8G CPU and 256M memory)

What's New in This Release:

The data interface to prepare supporting databases.
The databases are not supported in this release.
A new interface style "Beautiful Flowers".
These flowers are photoed in parks in this year by the author.
The author likes the honeybee who holds a flower in its mouth very much. It is the first cartoon figure by the author. It will appear when you save wrong data. :)
The function of "Personal Message".
User can only query the messages sent by and sent to herself/himself. And user can only remove the messages sent to herself/himself.
After a user read a message sent to her/him, SEE will mark it as "have_read" automatically.
The number of new arrived messages will be shown in the interface.
The data privileges' management
When user "Remove All" or "Modify All", the "base conditions" will be checked at first. That is user can only do what she/he can do.
The Password fields' values can not be visited, except when the user, who owns the "Import" privilege to current data, exports the data.
All the data structures of ACL tables are changed! Their keywords become the "Title". This will permit user define better ACL.
And the "condition" in the ACL tables are implemented completely. Now any "SEE conditions" is valid.
Snapshot for image file
When list the data, a snapshot will be shown for the image file's type, which may end with jpg/jpeg/gif/png.
Data sorting concerned with langauges.
Thus when sorting data in Chinese, the result is Chinese result.
General users can not visit the "User" table! Then they can not fill in many data!
This is a fatal bug! This means all former releases can not be used actually!
Now all ACL tables are redesigned.
When a new user is added without password, SEE will add some password itself! Then this new user can never login!
This is another fatal bug!
In the last English release, which is 0.06, the ACL data are in Chinese!
So the English users can not use SEE at all~~
This is still a fatal bug!
The "Risk Items" in the table "Deviation Handling" is wrong defined.
This will cause an error information when user clicks the "Select" button.
The values of Password fields can be visited when query or export.
Although the values are meaningless encoded codes, they are still security thread.
When some quota marks in the key values, pages will report errors and the function buttons, such as Modify and Remove, can not act!
This is because quota is also an element of web page.
When the interface language changes, the language in audit records changes too!
This is not permitted. Language of all data is determined when SEE is installed and can not change with interface!

Last updated on April 25th, 2005

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