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SnapCRM is an open source web-based CRM software.

Meet Your New Profit Center

When we designed SnapCRM, we figured helping you boost internal efficiencies, streamline sales and support operations, and skyrocket productivity was the least we could do.

Then we went further.

SnapCRM controls costs, but it also helps you work the other side of the profit equation: revenues. Revenues that are missing from existing sales orders. Revenues that are hiding in support cases. Revenues that are just waiting to be extracted from follow-up calls. Revenues that truly satisfied customers seem to generate all by themselves. SnapCRM gives you a real-time, 24/7, 360-degree view of each prospect, each customer, and each company representative. SnapCRM highlights every upsell and cross-sell possibility. SnapCRM ensures that every call and contact meets the highest standards of customer care. In short, SnapCRM makes every revenue opportunity that comes your way plainly visible and immediately actionable, turning every part of your business into a profit center.

Automate Your Enterprise

The more automated your enterprise, the better. With SnapCRM as your enterprise foundation, leads progress logically – and profitably – through your sales cycle. Support cases escalate when they should and become solved support cases faster. And opportunities land on the right desk at the right time, instead of getting lost in the shuffle.

Take SnapCRM With You

Good business is where you find it, so we’ve made sure that SnapCRM goes wherever you do. Accessible online via any major Web browser, SnapCRM brings all the power of the enterprise CRM solution to mobile professionals, whether they prefer to do business on notebooks, iPhones, BlackBerrys, Windows Mobile Phones, or any other Web-enabled device. With SnapCRM, you can access complete customer histories, initiate sales orders, and even administer your CRM solution on the road, anytime.

To keep you up-to-date while you’re out of the office, our push technology synchronizes your mobile device to SnapCRM over-the-air using the SyncML protocol. When you get back to the office, just click a button and all the contacts, calendar events, tasks, and notes stored on your mobile device sync up with the SnapCRM server.

No matter what device you use – now or five years from now – you’ll always have access to SnapCRM wherever you go.

Make SnapCRM Into YourCRM

SnapCRM’s rich and intuitive AJAX browser-based interface has been painstakingly designed to be simple, efficient, and attractive, so you can get right to work without a lot of tedious option-setting to hold you back.

But then again, who are we to tell you how your CRM should look and behave?

SnapCRM lets your users choose which columns they see, how information is filtered, which formatting is applied to their data, and much more, making an already user-friendly desktop into an individually tuned productivity maximizer.

But SnapCRM’s customization options are more than skin deep. Using the SnapCRM Application builder, even non-technical users can customize existing modules or add entirely new functionality without a single line of code. And since SnapCRM is open source, both in-house developers and software professionals around the world are free to create even the most complex customizations and innovations for the enterprise.

Deploy SnapCRM Your Way

SnapCRM is easy to install and manage internally, whether your enterprise runs on Linux, Solaris, Mac, or Windows servers. To get started, choose open source or commercial licensing, download SnapCRM, then deploy and use. For those who want an even easier option, we offer our hosted service. Simply sign up, select a plan that meets your needs, then open a Web browser and start improving your customer relationships the same day. Leave the maintenance, upgrades, and scaling to us.

Maximize Your Customer Relationship Management

What do you get when you design a CRM system based on the idea that customer relationship management should be a profit center, not a cost center? What do you get when you open a CRM’s code base so that anyone with a great idea can improve and extend it? What do you get when a best-in-class CRM solution is built from the ground up with the goal of making you the best in your business?

You get unparalleled customer relationship management paired with enterprise collaboration. You get customer relationship maximization on the desktop and on any Web-enabled mobile device. You get a highly secure CRM that runs on your terms – on Linux, Solaris, Mac, and Windows servers, behind your own firewall or on demand from our state-of-the-art server cloud.

You get SnapCRM.
Last updated on January 27th, 2009
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