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A packaged e-commerce software for integrated e-business solutions.





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Smilehouse Workspace project is a packaged e-commerce software for integrated e-business solutions. Workspace is based on J2SE architecture and offers a reliable and easy-to-use solution with low total cost of ownership (TCO).

Workspace is reliable, expandable, easy to use aplication. You can use Workspace to build and publish e-commerce enabled websites e.g. b-to-c online stores, product catalogs and b-to-b extranet services.

Workspace is based on reliable technology and open standards. It is widely used and continuously developed and supported by Smilehouse.

What can you do with Smilehouse Workspace?

Our customers use Workspace to improve their processes aiming at automation, removal of manual routines, managed decrease of human workload and interest group integration. This is achieved by developing web-solutions with Workspace.

Workspace is a system for:

- Building, developing and managing an e-commerce site.
- Managing and distributing product information and related documents
- Receiving orders, invitation of bids and payments from various interfaces (www, wap, palm)
- Managing customer information, customer accounts and user privileges.
- Customer management and support

Workspace Editions

There are 4 different Workspace Editions serving the needs of different user groups. Businesses from small and medium-sized companies to large enterprises use Workspace to improve product, order and customer information management.

Workspace Small Business Edition is targeted for business owners and small companies starting their e-commerce projects. Standard Edition is the software platform for more advanced solutions, Enterprise Edition offers additional features especially for international e-business. Operator Edition is targeted for e-commerce service providers to enable Workspace hosting.


Workspace includes a ready-made interface for OpenSyncro data integration middleware which enables building integrations easily. Read more: Workspace also provides a standard Web Services interface for importing, updating and exporting data. For further information, please refer to the WS Open Interface API documentation.

Process improvements for medium-sized enterprises

Workspace improves business processes of medium-sized enterprises. It enables them to integrate existing IT systems (ERP, CRP, SCM, etc.) and new network infrastructures and services (internet, mobile, digital tv) to improve efficiency and to offer their customers and other interest groups service of improved quality.

Cost effective solution

Workspace is based on J2SE architecture. This makes the total cost of ownership (TCO) very reasonable compared to usually oversized J2EE-based e-commerce solutions.

Medium-sized enterprises of which 90% probably do not need J2EE can make great savings by choosing J2SE-based Workspace solution. E-commerce systems built with MySQL database, Apache Tomcat Servlet Container and Smilehouse Workspace can cost even ten times less than oversized enterprise level J2EE software.

Workspace requires only small project expenditure and enables a short time-to-market thanks to pre-built components and easy-to-use management interface.
Last updated on August 19th, 2009
Smilehouse WorkspaceSmilehouse WorkspaceSmilehouse Workspace

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