Sfinx 0.1.0

Sfinx is personal knowledge/data manager, which can manage your private data like events, contacts, notes, files, tasks, etc.

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LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
3.3/5 16
Rus V. Brushkoff
ROOT \ Information Management
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Sfinx is personal knowledge/data manager, which can manage your private data like contacts, notes, files, tasks, events, know-how, etc. Each data item is wired by abstract "slices", which organized as category hierarchy that you can build/define for your own needs. Any data item have to be connected to some Sfinx object - events can be connected to contacts, contacts to tasks, tasks to data source, know-how or notes, and so on.

You can freely edit, delete or reconnect them as the life changed. Additional tags, which can be slices or other Sfinx objects can be attached to items too - so any data you enter to Sfinx can be cross-connected with any other data or abstract category. Search engine will help you to navigate in this info ocean, so you can be more precise in your everyday tasks, and give the freed time to your dreams. System written in client/server concept, so the X11 (Fltk) user interface application named Faraon is provided.

All object links and meta information is stored in database (Embedded Firebird) and can be added / modified / relinked / searched. Every object has creation and modification timestamp to track changes in time. The slice tree is used by Sfinx server and its modules to help structure module specific information.


So you can attach some notes to slices or another object as file or contact. Notes contains URL field, which if filled can be opened with Mozilla in Search module.


Files module is created to help sort and later find files on computer, it moves them from some unsorted location (for ex. /Arhiv/Unsorted) to structured database annotated directories. Some annotate file options exists like sha256 checksum, compressing or generating directory description text files on the fly.


The system in the prototype status. Most modules have to be written, so UI is somewhat ugly.


events module
contacts module
tasks module
knowledge module
finance module
ai module
crypted objects, communication and authentification
move to fltk2 and utf8
mobile ui (openmoko)
full object indexing
users and acls
server statistic
sfinx servers knowledge network (sfinx:// URL)

Last updated on June 11th, 2008


#personal knowledge manager #data management #contacts organizer #contacts #events #notes #tasks

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