Seagull PHP Application Framework 0.6.5

Seagull is an OO PHP framework with the core modules licensed under BSD.

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BSD License 
3.2/5 17
Demian Turner
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Seagull PHP Application FrameworkSeagull PHP Application FrameworkSeagull PHP Application Framework
Seagull is an OO PHP framework with the core modules licensed under BSD, and has the following design goals:

independence of data, logic & presentation layers
extensible component architecture
reduction of repetitive programming tasks
simplifying data access
comprehensive error handling
action request workflow
simplified form handling
component reuse
authentication management
integration with PEAR libraries
PHP coding standards
platform/PHP version/browser independence
self-generating documentation
quality end user docs

There are some default modules that come with the framework, these handle tasks related to:

user/group management
content management
document management
category management

What's New in This Release:

15-07-08 Fixed logout target being used in wrong place (Yevgeniy)
15-07-08 Fixed problem with redirects in timed out sessions, base64_encode used
instead of urlencode
21-05-08 Fixed problem where SGL_Cache was not returning singletons correctly
[3801] (Dmitri, rungss)
15-05-08 Fixed emailqueue filter chain
29-04-08 Module config is now correctly loaded for all request types
28-04-08 RssMgr was not accounting for articles that had expiry_date set to NULL
28-04-08 Re-added masterFeed.html to default module, needed for export module
21-04-08 Fixed problem with ordering blocks [3753] (alexanders)
26-02-08 UserAjaxProvider filter chain fixed with addresses ajax unique username
search prob (rzur2004)
26-02-08 section.trans_id was not being added when creating new navigation (rzur2004)
25-02-08 User search breaks with Horde_Routes are used, now fixed [3689]. When using
Horde_Routes single arg url construction invalid, eg: SGL_Output::makeUrl('search'),
instead you must use SGL_Output::makeUrl('search', 'usersearch', 'usersearch')
18-02-08 New translation.defaultLangBC is set to true by default, which means
even if you make eg publisher your default module, the lang strings in
the default module will be loaded on every request. New behaviour is
to load *only* strings in default module.
11-02-08 Fixed dependency where using ArrayDriver for navigation required
Horde_Routes input URL handler

22-07-08 Removed unused navigation stylesheet feature (ajmixto)
22-07-08 Enhancements to the newsletter block (wik01)
15-07-08 Seagull's lib dir now in include path, so you can now include sgl libs
like "include 'SGL/Foo/Bar.php';" See [3930] for details
11-07-08 Made FCKeditor the default wysiwyg following security alert
Use sgl/www/js/SGL/SglFckconfig.js to customise
18-06-08 Added ability to rebuild single modules
17-06-08 Removed PEAR error message that shows DB password when connect fails
17-06-08 The makeCssOptimizerLink() method no longer loads the Seagull CSS
framework by default (Dmitri)
17-06-08 Added new comment2 module, ajax with jquery, see
02-06-08 Added ability to synchonise prefs for all members (wik01)
22-05-08 Symlinks in the webroot (like those created by installing modules with
web resources) are now supported if you remove the index.php file, see
20-05-08 Emailqueue module added see
19-05-08 Added improved functionality in SGL_Emailer2 (PHP5 only), see
05-03-08 Adding new preferences to your application is much easier now, if you have
a large userbase, you can easily add n new preferences and existing
users will get default values [3704]

Last updated on July 22nd, 2008

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