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SST Membership site CMS and user management software to use on Internet web sites which enables you to manage all your user management, do online shopping and e-commerce tasks with one centralised management system. What makes SST member cms unique is not only the comprehensive user and membership management tools, but also how it brings together all of your web site functions into one centalised system.

SST Membership site CMS enables you to manage your users and membership, e-commerce, shopping cart, content, affiliates, advertising, helpdesk, surveys and data input, digital file delivery, file sharing and more with one software package and also includes essential statistics, marketing and community building tools. Everything you need to build, manage, and grow your subscription or members only web site.and much much more.

The SST Membership Managment System features a highend security system to help you prevent people from accessing your membership site without prior approval or hacking attempts to destroy or pull out member information.
Last updated on April 23rd, 2009
SST Membership site CMSSST Membership site CMS

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