Multiuser timetracking and multiproject management tool

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What's new in PMDEX 4.0:

  • New Version with Multi-Level Support, Dynamic Function Management, More Reports, Gants and Office Exports.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Project Manager Dexea is a simple multiuser timetracking & multiproject management tool with a intuitive and easy to use web interface. Control your projects with a lot of charts, gantts and statistics.

The second main strength of PMD is the simple data analysis of the projects from the economic view point (costs against revenues) with a lot of charts and reports. The Project Manager has a complete overview over the project schedules, deadlines and revenues.

PMD identifies 2 type of users:
1) The administrator (User: pmd_admin) maintains the:
– projects ( project description, customer, projectmodules and submodules, timelines,
   costs e project revenues)
– customer- database
– employees with corresponding salaries
– project assignments to the employees
– types of activities
– types of projects

Complete control over the project is achieved with:

1) Reports
   1. All activities of an employee in a determined time-period
   2. Hour spent on a specific project
   3. Hour spent on several submodules of a specific project
   4. Time estimated an effective effort of a specific projects
   5. ...and many others

2) Charts
   1. Gantt diagram for Project Preview and Project Review
   2. turnover per year/per month
   3. margin per year/per month
   4. extent of utilization per year/per month
   5. hours spent per activity type on a specific project
   6. Average turnover per employee per year
   7. Average employee costs per year
   8. Employee costs/Turnover per year
   9. Average productivity per month
   10.Productivity per employee
   11.Type of activity
   12.Turnover per project type
   13.Delay of payments
   14.Type of activity per employee
   15.Hours on projects per employee
   16.Employees part of Project-Turnover
   17.Average productivity per month per employee
   18.Project Gantt preview
   19.Project Gantt activities
   20....and many others

3) Statistics:
   1. active projects
   2. open turnover per project
   3. Report of invoices per month
   4. Outstanding accounts
   5. Ordered Projects with amount still to invoice
   6. All active Projects
   7. Expenses per project
   8. ...and many others
PMD is build on the following technologies:
– Linux, PostgreSQL, Apache Tomcat, Hibernate the Relational Persistence for Java,
   JasperReports, iReport-Designer for JasperReports, JFreeChart,

2) All other users which track with PMD the day-to-day activities on the assigned projects.

Project Manager Dexea is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or any later version.

Last updated on March 4th, 2009

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