PHP BookIn 0.6

PHP BookIn provides an online bookmark manager.
PHP BookIn provides an online bookmark manager.

PHP BookIn is an online bookmark manager that you can use as a Web application to share your bookmarks across the Internet.

PHP BookIn is PHP application with alot of javascript. Datas are stored on a MySQL database. Favicons (that small icons just on the left of the url input zone) are stored on the server filesystem.


php4 and pear:DB
imagemagick, used for favicon management
scriptaculous 1.6.2
JSCookTree 2.01 from the old PHPLib


Untar on a directory inside your website.
Create "icons" directory (with read/write access for the server).
Copy the bookin.conf.sample to bookin.conf, then adapt the bookin.conf file and protect it whith a .htaccess (on my system, the .conf is not in the DocumentRoot).
Adapt the utils.php file.
Create database, adapt and use tables.sql file to create tables.
Create a user in database, table "bkn_user" (ex: "INSERT INTO bkn_user (login, password, lang) VALUES ('myname', 'mypass', 'EN') ;"). The password is in clear (I have to change that in future)
Change the path in ThemeXP/theme.js (line 2) according to your configuration
You may use the "checkp.php" script to see if everything is ok.
Go on web.

What's New in This Release:

A description field was added in the link information.
There is a new statistics page.
The publish process allows you to give your friends access to some of your links.

last updated on:
October 22nd, 2007, 21:35 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Patrick Paysant
ROOT \ Information Management
PHP BookIn
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