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An Open Source and web-based business management software for consultancies and web agencies

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OpenPSA is an open source and web-based PSA (Professional Services Automation) application suite that includes project management, document management, time tracking, sales force automation, help desk, group calendar, and direct marketing.

A centralized, scalable, international, integrated and secure application

It is a centralized, scalable, international, integrated and secure application that supports all major and modern web browsers and requires no installation. It is designed to be used by consultants and inside web agencies.

Ported to the MidCOM model view controller

Originally developed by Nemein and designed to work on the Midgard framework, the OpenPSA application has been ported to the MidCOM model view controller, available as a PEAR package. This means that you will be able to install OpenPSA using the PEAR installer.

Under the hood and requirements

Taking a look under the hood of the OpenPSA project, we can notice that it has been written in the PHP server-side programming language, and that it requires PHP 5.3 or later, the MySQL database server, as well as a web server. such as Apache or Lighttpd.

Additionally, the application requires a Midgard API to communicate with database backends. You can choose between the legacy Midgard1 8.09, Midgard2 Content Repository or midgard-portable. More details about setting up a Midgard server can be found the project’s website.

Getting started with OpenPSA

To get started with the OpenPSA application, you should download the latest release from the project’s website, save the archive somewhere on your computer, open a FTP client and connect to your server. Unpack the source package and copy the files to the root of your web server, or into a folder. Read the documentation on the project’s GitHub page for details on how to deploy OpenPSA on an Apache or Lighttpd server.

OpenPSA was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on January 28th, 2015
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