Newsadmin 1.1

Newsadmin is a simple PHP news publishing system for Web pages.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Tuomas Airaksinen
ROOT \ Information Management
Newsadmin project is a simple PHP news publishing system for Web pages.

Newsadmin is a simple news administration system that features news editing and several separate news editor/ administration accounts.

News articles can have a news image that can be uploaded with the article (using news editing form). There is a news archive page for past articles.

Long articles can optionally be cut on main view and read using separate readarticle "read more" page.

This script can quite easily be customized to different needs.

Here are some key features of "Newsadmin":

· There can be several editors that can type and publish news. Afterwards, they can modify or delete their news.
· There can be several different administrators that can add, delete and modify other editors and admins.
· Editor has possibility to upload a picture related to news. If ImageMagick is present on the server, the script uses 'convert'-tool to resize it to wanted size.
· It is easy to print news with print_news(num)-function. print_news also cuts long articles (maximum length configurable) and links to readarticle.php with which you can see whole article.
· If you know HTML and a little PHP (okay, you ONLY need some common sense...) you can also make your own printing functions in printfunctions.php.
· Gnu Gettext is used used to translate translate this into foreign languages. If you translate this application to your language, please send me .po file :) Translatable .po-files are in po/-directory and they are installed in locale/-directory. Read po/HOWTO-TRANSLATE.txt
· Simple news archive page to crawl the past.
· You can process articles trough parsewiki if you want to use its formatting features (configuration variable). This requires perl to be installed. Doesn't work if php is in safe mode (shell_exec doesn't work then). See to have an idea how it works when enabled.
· And that's not all! In addition there is:
· Calendar script by ikemcg with which you can edit events. One week onwards can be printed on your web page with print_thisweek() from functions.php;. Login to calendar with same usernames&passwords as in newsadmin.


· PHP 4.0.0 or later
· MySQL 3.0 or higher

Last updated on January 23rd, 2007

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