Nariva 0.1

Nariva project is a search service using Apache Lucene, VFS, and XML-RPC.
Nariva project is a search service using Apache Lucene, VFS, and XML-RPC.

Nariva is an application which aims to provide cross- platform, open API search functionality targeted at desktops. It uses Apache Lucene to perform the indexing and searching functionality and also exposes the Apache Lucene API as an XML-RPC service (provided using Apache XML- RPC).

Files on the local file system are monitored using a sandbox component called Commons Virtual Filesystem (VFS). Nariva ties all these projects together to provide a simple, fast, cross platform, desktop search solution.

Main features:

  • Runs cross platform - Written in Java.
  • Provides a webservice interface using XML-RPC so it's easy to create custom GUI client.
  • Low priority search service thread reduces noticable CPU usage.
  • Can monitor more than one folder at a time.
  • Extendable by using custom index classes set in preferences.
  • Provides a default text extraction class for indexing unrecognized file types.
  • Built in support for indexing and searching text, html, pdf and maf files.
  • MAF Search GUI integrates into Firefox search engine list.
  • By default only accepts connections from localhost (
  • Search on specific fields or use full text search with boolean, fuzzy and proximity matches - Provided by Lucene.
  • Re-indexes changed documents in monitored folders dynamically.

last updated on:
February 14th, 2007, 7:05 GMT
developed by:
Christopher Ottley
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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