Metallah 0.13

Metallah is a Web-based man page viewer.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Alexander Gromnizki
ROOT \ Information Management
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Metallah is a Web-based man page viewer. The project has a thought out user interface, visual options tuning, and the ability to properly display localized manual pages.

Using Metallah, you will recollect usual man(1) as ghasty sleep about dark kingdom, and joing, like small children, that this nightmare has gone.

Here are some key features of "Metallah":

· Ability always to see what file you are physically reading.
· ápropos-mode, where inquiry is an AREs, and navigation by results of search is absolutely flexible.
· The so-called directory mode, where you have an opportunity to click on sections and to move inside of everyone quickly.
· At correct adjustment - to perfectly distinguish the localized pages (which automatically replaces the originals, and in the directory-mode are specially marked).
· View local man pages (i.e. not installed yet!) both in troff and cat format.
· Use any external command line converter, which can transmutate man(1) output into HTML.
· Run program from command line (with ability to take XA_PRIMARY selection).
· Visual preferences editing of the program. No cryptographic configuration files!
· Changeable (by means of CSS) appearance.
· Russian documentation


· Web-server with CGI support.
· Browser with CSS (optionally) and tables support.
· file(1), nroff(1), gunzip(1), bunzip2(1) utilities.
· Tcl 8.4 (I don't know will it work with earlier versions; it may or may not work with later versions).
· Permission to read system directories with manual pages (from under the web-server).
· Permission to execute (from under the web-server) man(1).
· Permission to write in the directory:
where you will hold Metallah

The last item is not obligatory, however you will lose or visual adjustment of the parameters or the program log, without news from which I cannot help in case of troubles with Metallah.

Penultimate and pre-penultimate items can be bypassed, if you copy executable file and actually man-pages there where your web-server can execute and read accordingly (usually directly in Metallah directory).

Last updated on February 27th, 2007

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