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LM-X License Manager project is the strengthened solution for software license management.
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LM-X License Manager project is the strengthened solution for software license management.

With the multiple approaches to buying, selling and distributing products that are available in today's marketplace, software companies are provided with more challenges--and more opportunities. Making the most out of a potential customer base means having fine-grained control over how your software is licensed, and the ability to be sure that you and your customers see your licensing agreements in the same way.

Whether you're looking to provide feature- or time-limited demonstrations, staggered pricing options, controlled use environments, or any number of other licensing scenarios, LM-X has what you need. It lets you lock your application to a variety of criteria, meaning you can customize your application your precise licensing requirements, whatever they may be. For example, best-in-breed locking of licenses to hardware parameters means you can easily control the machines (and the number of machines) that can use your application, giving you a straightforward means of ensuring that you and your customers are in-sync when it comes to your licensing agreements.

LM-X is a powerful, straightforward solution to protecting your intellectual property, maximizing revenue and giving your customers what they need.

Protect your investment. Estimates as to the costs of unlicensed software vary, but experts agree that piracy, particularly in the workplace, represent a considerable problem for software companies. LM-X gives you precise control over the use of your software, ensuring compliance with your licensing policies--whatever they may be.
Strong protection - straightforward implementation. LM-X is the product of years of development by dedicated security experts who have the deep domain knowledge to maximize protection and avoid the pitfalls that companies often fall into when they attempt to manage copy protection on their own. But adding complexity for crackers doesn't mean adding complexity for your developers: LM-X has a straightforward API that lets you get up-and-running quickly to implement strong protection with a minimum of effort.

License your software the way you want to. LM-X is designed to provide a great deal of flexibility, letting you design licenses that suit you and your customers--rather than licenses that simply suit your license management solution. Whether you only need to issue demo versions of your software, or you need multiple levels of licensing that provide multiple levels of functionality, LM-X is the single tool for the job.

Free your distribution methods. Because LM-X handles your licensing for you, your distribution chain can be relaxed, meaning you can more easily distribute trial or limited-use versions of your application without the need to worry about unscrupulous use of your product. By moving towards a license-based approach to your product you can distribute code electronically or allow binary copying, safe in the knowledge that use is controlled by the licenses that you issue. And your licensing model can scale effectively with a minimum of effort on your part, since licenses can be created for individual machines or for multiple license servers operating for entire client sites.

Last updated on August 21st, 2007

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