JumpBox vTiger CRM 1.1.1

JumpBox vTiger CRM is a JumpBox virtual appliance with a pre-configured installation of the vTiger CRM system.

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What's new in JumpBox vTiger CRM 1.1.1:

  • A unique SSL certificate for the JumpBox Administration Portal is generated on initial boot.
  • The expiration date of the self signed certificate is 10 years from initial boot.
  • An issue that complicated moving the JumpBox to a new directory with VMware has been resolved.
  • Portability is still complicated by snapshots and suspends.
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JumpBox vTiger CRMJumpBox vTiger CRMJumpBox vTiger CRM
JumpBox vTiger CRM project is a JumpBox virtual appliance with a pre-configured installation of the vTiger CRM system.

Once upon a time, in the raw and exciting days when automobile technology was in its infancy, taking a road trip meant bringing a mechanic along to fix the car every time it broke down. At JumpBox we look at the current state of IT systems and see great similarity with the early automobile.

Today, if you want to deploy and run a server based application you need a mechanic to come along to keep it running. With the automobile, as time passed, the technology improved, cars became vastly more reliable and many more people were able to take to the road.

With JumpBox we're looking to do the same for server based software. We simplify what has traditionally been complex and deliver server based Open Source applications to an audience that otherwise would be put off by the technical burdens of the old way of doing things.

An integrated software stack in a virtual appliance

A JumpBox bundles the operating system, application and all application dependancies into a single installable module that's easily deployed using virtualization software from VMWare, Parallels or Xen

Easy to Install

A JumpBox allows you to install a complex server based application without having to know anything about Linux, databases or the command line. You just download, extract the archive and open the application with your virtualization software. Further setup and configuration is handled through a simple web interface.

Simple to manage

The JumpBox platform is pre-configured, tuned and secured to minimize the management needs of the application.

Runs anywhere

Mac OS X, Linux, Windows it doesn't matter. Thanks to the use of virtualization, JumpBox applications run easily on all the most popular operating systems.

Painless to upgrade

With a JumpBox and the JumpBox Assurance program (launching Q2 2007), management of the system is simple and efficient. Updates to the entire software stack are handled automatically by the platform with minimal user interaction.

Quick to move

With a JumpBox all the application code, data and the runtime are bundled together into a single directory that can easily be moved between systems or even across platforms. This allows you to start using an application by just running it on your desktop. Then when you're ready you can open it up to the rest of the network and either continue running it on your desktop or easily move it to the server at any time. It doesn't even matter if the server is running a different operating system, with a JumpBox everything is self contained.

Last updated on October 14th, 2008


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