JTourney 1.0

JTourney is a Java based tool to support tournament directors conducting small to medium scale round based tournaments.

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LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
Frank Nestel
ROOT \ Information Management
JTourney is a Java based tool to support tournament directors conducting small to medium scale round based tournaments for multiplayer games.

JTourney tries to encaspulate over 10 years of experience with various tournament formats for different games. Those tournaments were conducted either manually or with the help (of many kind people and) a predecessor programm, which finally became too old and too small.

The need for JTourney arose since the tournaments conducted were rather flexibile: Players could hop on and hop off between rounds, the games played might allow variable number of players. Beside this flexibility JTourney could of course be used to support more rigid tournament formats, but this is not it's focus.

Here are some key features of "JTourney":

Keeping player lists.
Playcing players on tables for next round by variuos strategies.
Generate score sheets for tables.
Keeping track of game scores
Calculating player scores, tiebreakers and rankings

How it works?

JTourney is a very simple design. It merely parses text files into it's memory and composes new ones on design. While parsing it's internal datafiles it also feeds this internal information to the RenderMode, therefore it provides you with more beautiful information than just the raw internal text files.

Note the system never stores things like standings or total scores of players internally. It turned out, that parsing input is very fast and never is a real problem for (say) 100 participants and 12 rounds (this is not a limit, it can most likely handle much more participants and more rounds) on a recent PC.

While this architecture is from the computer stone age it is flexible and powerful. Maybe a bit volatile, but after all it is entirely appropriate to put whatever kind of GUI on top if necessary!

Last updated on March 23rd, 2006

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