IRCM 1.42

IRCM is a webbased Incident Registration and Configuration Management tool.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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IRCM is a webbased Incident Registration and Configuration Management tool that supports helpdesk operations in an ICT-environment.

With IRCM, helpdesk agents can register and dispatch service calls. These calls can be related to agents, customers, SLA-defined activities, devices, incoming or outgoing mail and timers. Service levels are guarded depending on call type, call status and service window.

The customers' infrastructure is managed in the configuration management module, providing full 2D-tracing through related devices.

IRCM is protected by GNU/GPL and is available for download on this site.

IRCM supports multiple customers, helpdesks, Service Level Agreements, mailboxes etc in one database. If multiple databases are used (e.g. to separate customer data) the user can switch dynamically between databases within the browser window.

For configuration management, a black-box approach is used. This maximizes flexibility in modelling the customer infrastructure. The only predefined (system) entity is the user, all other entities and their properties are defined per customer. Hierarchical relations between configuration items can be displayed in a 2D overview.

A valuable aspect of IRCM is that you don't have to use the features summed up here. If you want to use the Configuration Management module as an address book and want Incident Registration to be a todo list, you won't be punished with overhead.

Last updated on October 25th, 2005

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