Goozzee 1.0

An easy-to-use knowledge management solution

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What's new in Goozzee 1.0:

  • Topics could not be renamed
  • The about windows was slow to appear, when the database contained many topics and documents. An index was missing.
  • When editing a report, clicking the formatting button didn't open the corresponding window
  • The layout of the main window's header has be redesigned, using sizer. The look is the same, but now all the fields are visible, whatever the O.S., and the behaviour should be better when resizing the window
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Michel Laglasse
ROOT \ Information Management
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Goozzee project's goal is to offer an easy-to-use knowledge management solution, suitable for small teams or companies.

Unlike most existing knowledge management software, Goozzee's classification system isn't based on hierarchies or tags: it uses Topic Maps, which allow a much more advanced and flexible knowledge classification.

Goozzee is in fact a mix of the features of three kinds of applications:

· Topic Maps authoring/browsing tools: Goozzee offers a very easy-to-use Topic Maps implementation, with topics, associations, occurrences (aka documents), roles, association types and scopes.

· Wikis: Goozzee is NOT a wiki. But it fills the same need: fast and easy documentation creation, and easy links between pages.

In Goozzee, each topic can be compared to a Wiki page, where you can type your documentation and share it immediately with other users; the Topic window offers a real WYSIWYG text editor, so you don't even have to fight with some wiki syntax, and linking your topics together - or creating new ones - is a matter of a couple of seconds, using contextual menus or even drag'n drop.

· Document Management Systems: Goozzee's Document Management functionnality is - and will remain - pretty simple. Any kind of document can be uploaded into the repository. Each document is assigned a scope and access rights, and can be linked to any number of topics. In the near future, a check-in/check-out system will also be added to prevent editing conflicts between users.

But Goozzee doesn't offer any workflow engine. And it probably never will.

How does it work ?

Unlike many Knowledge Management/Document Management systems, Goozzee isn't web-based, but client/server.

The repository is stored in a Mysql database. (In the future, support for other databases will be added.)

A client software must be installed on each user's machine. This software is written in C++, using the wxWidgets library, which allows easy ports to many operating systems. For now, only two operating systems are supported : Linux and Mac OSX. A Windows version should be available by the end of 2008.

Last updated on March 6th, 2012


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