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Freemed-YiRC is based on Freemed, but for Youth in Residential Care centers (YiRC).





Freemed-YiRC is based on Freemed, but for Youth in Residential Care centers (YiRC).

Freemed-YiRC project runs on a web server, and the client can be ANY computer running a decent web browser with good table support.

FMYiRC is web-based!

- It is loaded on a Linux server at your agency.
- Your data is stored on your server at your agency.
- You own your data.
- All that is required to access FMYiRC is a computer with Internet access and a web browser
- Clients/workstations can use Windows, Linux, MacOS, etc...
- The Mozilla Firefox web browser is highly recommended
- With additional networking setup by your agency, one FMYiRC server can be used by many multiple off-site locations and mobile users.

FMYiRC was designed with security in mind

- Anyone in child care circles will tell you that all types of security are important when it comes to information relating to youth.
- For one, much consideration has to be paid to the HIPAA privacy rule!!!
- Access to FMYiRC can be restricted to the HTTPS protocol. This uses encryption (SSL) to ensure sensitive information is not intercepted by 3rd parties during transit across your network or the Internet.
- A properly configured FMYiRC Linux server will have it's own firewall, in addition to the main Internet firewall at your agency.
- FMYiRC itself has a very fine-grade access control system. The administrator can control exactly what individual users have access to.

FMYiRC was designed to be reliable and fault-tolerant

- The entire design of FMYiRC was created by taking into account years of previous information system designs.

FMYiRC is easy to backup.

- There are only two major pieces to FMYiRC to backup:
- The database... very easy to backup with MySQL
- The FMYiRC software itself... contained in one place, very easy to backup using operating system utilities
- FMYiRC includes utilities to back itself up!

FMYiRC can make use of MySQL server real-time replication.

- You can set up two FMYiRC servers for a high level of fault-tolerance.
If one server goes down, users can switch over to the second server in very short order.
- Using a dual-server setup, downtime due to server maintenance or upgrades becomes next to nothing. You can switch your users to the secondary server, take the primary server down, perform the maintenance/upgrades without the pressure of a down server situation, bring it back up, switch the users back to the primary server, then do the same cycle with the secondary server if necessary.

FMYiRC is modular

- If you would like to add functionality to FMYiRC, you can do so by creating new software modules.
- Creating new modules for use with FMYiRC is relatively easy, documentation for this process is available.
Last updated on July 23rd, 2010

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