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FreeMIS project is developing a free and better alternative to the commercial MIS products.




FreeMIS project is developing a free and better alternative to the commercial MIS products. All the FreeMIS files and data are stored on a web server, and the FreeMIS system is accessed via the Internet. Users simply need an Internet connection and a modern web browser (preferrably Firefox, but Internet Explorer 6 and Safari work fine).

Each user has a unique username and password, which grant them access to the system. At present, only teachers can access the system, but the design of FreeMIS is ready for access by any of the stakeholders in the school system - students, parents, governors etc.

At present, FreeMIS is used to write reports to parents on pupil progress. Using FreeMIS, teachers can write reports at a time and place of their own choosing. Some choose to write reports in school, but many now write their reports from home.

Here are some key features of "FreeMIS":

Password protected access, to ensure security of data.
Web-based, so it can be accessed on any computer connected to the Internet, without the need for special software.
Storage of pupil and staff data
Storage of class enrollment and course data
Production of reports to parents/guardians on pupil progress
Monitoring of pupil progress through a tracking and target setting system, which includes the automatic generation of letters to parents/guardians
Noting of unexplained absences, which automatically generates a warning email to the school office

The FreeMIS project aims to provide schools with a high quality alternative to the proprietary Management Information Systems that abound in schools in the UK and beyond.

We at the FreeMIS project believe that the best way to create a high quality MIS is to develop it as an Open Source project. This means that the system and the code from which it is built will always be freely available.

At present, FreeMIS only offers a subset of the functionality of a comprehensive MIS. Development is ongoing, however, and FreeMIS has stood the test of being used in a Scottish High School.

Becta has recently published a report highlighting the financial savings possible if schools move towards Open Source alternatives. FreeMIS aims to be part of the package that schools will adopt.

What's New in This Release:

Added user/admin_edit screen to simplify administration
Cleaned up xhtml
Fixed bug #1497176
Refactored code to make it more DRY
Removed historic tables from old PHP version
Improved admin screen to edit pupil sets
Increased coverage of unit/functional tests
Cleared up css for reports, and switched full reports to print on blank page, rather than having fancy hiding of navigation stuff for printing.
Fixed bug that made reports vanish if pupil was dropped from a pupil set
Put together all academic_year related details on one form for ease of administration
Gave Heads of Faculties write access to all faculty reports
Last updated on June 14th, 2006

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