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Factory Nova is a project management program.




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Factory Nova is a project management program. It increases the effectiveness of your work and the happiness of your clients by making the workflow fully transparent to them.

Factory Nova stores all the project information relative to each project, thus making it easily accessible from within a project. With Factory Nova, you can manage the tasks, discuss project ideas, create knowledge base articles, and work with the project's email (via POP3 email integration).


Any web server that is capable of running PHP, including Apache (recommended) and Microsoft IIS.
Factory Nova works with PHP versions starting from 4.0.3. PHP should have short tags (< ?? >) and MySQL extension enabled, which is usually the case on most of the PHP installations.
Optionally, PHP should have a GD extension enabled (this is required for thumbnails generation and automatic image resizing).
ionCube PHP Loader is required to run the trial version (not required for a commercial version). Please note, that in most of the cases the Windows installer of the trial version will download and install the required loaders for you.
MySQL version 3.23.54 or higher (4.0.18 or higher recommended).

What's New in This Release:

Project cloning and manual sorting by any column on all pages were added.
Task tags now have priorities, which influence sorting.
Users can now be connected to several companies at once.
They can also be set as company administrators and manage company projects and users.
Over 30 other improvements and bugfixes were made.
Last updated on May 19th, 2007
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