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Docebo is a integrated content management and e-learning platform.




Docebo is a integrated content management and e-learning platform.

Docebo Project is an open source suite complitly free and WAI (accessibility) compliant that include:

- E-Learning platform (
- Content Management System
- Knowledge management system (

DoceboLMS is born as alternative to the various *nuke and Mambo/Joomla project because it use a different approach, thia approach allow the user to place theyr webpages into a mulilingual tree and insert into them different functions, with docebolms you can manage:

- Company or institutional websites
- Online magazines or newspapers
- Online community
- Web portals
- Intranet

Functions included :

- WAI accessibility specification
- PHP5 Support
- Pages organized in a tree
- Pages and functions allowed only to certain groups
- Teleskill videoconference system included
- Availability to send SMS
- Custom catalogation fields
- Users can be organized in a tree

What's New in This Release:

Docebo 3.0.2 fix lot of bugs,the installer and upgrader are more friendly and powerful. Read the readme file for installation or upgrade or refer to manual.
Last updated on January 17th, 2006

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