DocCare2 2.01.008

DocCare is online business document management software produced by Burgeonsoft Corporation.

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Burgeonsoft Inc.
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DocCare is online business document management software produced by Burgeonsoft Corporation. DocCare2 is the second generation of DocCare software. It provides support to document creation, archiving & version control, documents categorization and presentation and central storage for various kinds of documents. Compared to the previous version, DocCare2 has improved on document categorization, business process optimization and document protection. Furthermore, DocCare2 web module is design upon AJAX, which improves a lot on usability. Full-text search is also brought into DocCare2, which allows user to locate the target document in milliseconds by keywords.

The full package of DocCare2 includes Sun JRE(Java Runtime Environment) 5.0, HSQL Database 1.8, Apache Tomcat 5.5 and DocCare2 software. You can just execute DocCare2 startup script without any configurations.

You may remove jre folder and use external Java runtime environment according to different OS. If you want to use other database, you may edit conf/ and change database connection settings.

Here are some key features of "DocCare2":

Document Management

· Central data storage, all documents and editions are centrally managed.
· Document management from any web browser, no download or local installation necessary.
· Business focus. Documents are categorized by business entities.
· Version control. Document life-cycle traced.
· Import/Export documents. Fast build up document repository.
· In-browser rich (WYSIWYG) editor for editing hypertext content.
· Convenient document presentation. Display documents in browser, without having to move content from server to desktop. (support text, html files directly, support .doc, .xsl, .ppt, .pdf, etc with corresponding application installed)
· Dashboard for users to easily access documents.
· Online folder and document browsing.
· Intelligent document categorizing and sharing. User does not need to spend a lot of time deciding where to place the document or to whom to share the document.
· Full-text search of documents. (currently support .txt, .pdf, .html, .doc, .xls, ppt, xml)


· Auto document security control. This is based on department membership. Department members can only access documents within the department and sub-departments by default.
· User level operational permission against each document.
· Daily user action log to track user's behavior.
· User group privilege control.
· Document search scope controlled. User's search is limited to the documents he can access.

Supported Document Types

· All kinds of content types are supported.
· Administrator can configure which types of content are allowed to import into DocCare2.


· Built-in flexible membership system.
· Using tree-like department structure, departments can nest.
· Security is controlled centrally.
· User can be member of a pre-defined user group, which has a set of DocCare2 operational privileges.
· User can be member of a pre-defined workspace, which contains a set of business related documents. Workspace members are assigned Download/Update/Delete operational privileges over each document in the workspace.

Protection of Document

· Users can only access documents belonging to himself and the child departments by default.
· Members of child departments have no right to access documents belong to parent departments.
· User with the right to lock the document to prevent it from being updated by other users.
· Version control. Any document changes are traced.
· Automatic notification to the previous editor after the document is updated by someone else.
· Scheduled or manually backup for documents.
· Easy and fast document restoration.

Business Relevance

· DocCare2 is designed to provide a transparent document management involving in the daily business running. Users run their business and DocCare2 manages the documents background intelligently.
· DocCare2 provides a business view of documents (Workspace View) to differentiate from department view of documents (traditional folder structure view). A workspace is a business related entity, for example, a project. Users are allowed to link department document to various workspace documents.
· Mobile devices are supported in DocCare2.

Technical Features

· Pure Java web application. It supports installation on Linux, Solaris, Windows 2000/XP/2003, MacOS, Free BSD, HP-UX, AIX, etc.
· Zero install web client.
· Easy setup and initialization.
· Distributed deployment solutions.

Data storage

· Documents are stored on hard disk. Document meta info is stored in relational databases, including Oracle, MS SQL Server 2000/2005, PostgreSQL, MySQL5.0+ and other JDBC-compliant databases.

Integration and Customization

· Micro-kernel architecture, which allows flexible integration with legacy system, including databases, application server etc.
· Functional customization is easy. New components can be plug-ins.


· Complete i18n/l10n solutions.


· Cache, pool technologies are used to increase performance.
· Deployment on different servers, balancing heavy load.

Technology Involved

· Micro kernel architecture.
· Apache Jakarta Project.
· Hibernate 3.1
· Apache Struts 1.2.9
· Apache Lucene 2.1.0
· Dom4j 1.6.1
· Quartz 1.5.2
· JSON 0.6
· Dojo 0.4.2
· Text Mining 0.4
· Neko Html 0.9.5
· PDFBox 0.7.3
· Apache Xalan 2.7.0


· Maximum 3 accounts can be used with this trial version.


· Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.5 or later

Last updated on May 26th, 2008


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