Devalot 0.1.0

Devalot is a software project management tool.

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Peter J Jones
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Devalot application is a project management tool. Think about it this way: take the best features from applications like Trac, Collaboa, and GForge, then sprinkle in a few features from Mephisto and Typo.

Mix them all together, add some secret sauce, and you start to get the taste of Devalot.

Devalot provides all the features you need to host a software project, and one installation of Devalot can support any number of projects. The hosted projects are segregated from one another and have a rich feature set available to them:

Website made up of wiki pages (with revision history)
Blog system for posting project news and articles
Tickets for bug and feature request tracking
Membership list (users associated with the project)
CSS file to customize the look and feel (or use the site default)
Ability to be set as private (only viewable by project members)

Just because Devalot focuses on software projects doesn’t mean the developers or end users are left out in the cold. Every registered user has a dashboard that can be used to:

View which projects you’re a member of, and what your role is
Track tickets assigned to you, or created by you
Edit and view your public profile
View various attributes such as your point rating

And since Devalot is a web-based application, it has many of the features that you’ve come to expect from modern web apps:

Almost everything can be tagged
Users can post comments for wiki pages, tickets, and blog articles
RSS/Atom feeds for just about everything (per-project, and site-wide)
All text can be transformed by Textile, Markdown, or even RDoc
The right amount of AJAX, and only where it makes sense

The downside to being a web-based application is abuse. Devalot takes a few steps towards abuse avoidance:

New users start with zero points, and their content is invisible (until moderated)
Users at a configurable point-level can help promote or destroy moderated users
Ticket attachments are only viewable by project members (until they are made public)

What's New in This Release:

The trunk has been stabilized for an official release.

Last updated on February 22nd, 2007

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