Cowtacular 0.51

A simple way to manage the common things an IT support group has to keep track of

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What's new in Cowtacular 0.51:

  • Some bugs were fixed, none of which were critical.
  • File attachments are no longer stored in the database.
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Cowtacular is a simple way to manage the common things an IT support group has to keep track of. The system is completely designed with simplicity in mind so you can spend less time planning and configuring the system and more time helping your customers. This software is designed for smaller IT groups who manage less than 1000 devices.

Dashboard - Upon login, users are greated with a dashboard view of tickets in the the system. The system can be setup to automatically generate tickets when devices hardware is changed as a result of an audit or a new software application magically appears on the device

Ticketing - How do you know what your users need? How do you know how much time your tech's are working? How did you fix that problem last month? These are the things the ticketing system aims to solve. Email alerts are automatically sent to the user and related technicians when tickets are added, updated and closed. Users can also add comments and information to the tickets themselves as well as see the status and comments.

Inventory - What computers exist out there on your network? Which computers have software x installed? What is the MAC address of computer y? These are some of the questions the inventory portion of the system aims to answer. Inventories can be done by hand or via a simple login script. Devices can be searched, updated, and marked as deleted. You can also add custom fields to devices to track additional data which your organization finds useful.

Licensing - Keeping track of licenses of software you own is no small task. Especially if you have multiple types of software which you purchased at various times. The licensing system will allow you to track licenses as they are purchased as well as attach a scanned image or pdf file to that license as proof. You can also see a birds eye view of which pieces of software are out of compliance.

Administration - The administration system is meant to be simple. There is a concept of groups which represents ownership of tickets, devices and licenses. Ticket categories allow you to quick determine which technician(s) are responsible for which ticket. All emails are customizable.

Last updated on December 1st, 2010

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