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ClaSS is a complete and integrated student information management system turned on its head.
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ClaSS is a complete and integrated student information management system turned on its head. ClaSS takes a classroom-first approach to collecting and disseminating information in the most dynamic of ways.

By placing at the diposal of teaching staff the wealth of information traditionally horded in management databases and spreadsheets, it encourages early intervention in the learning process based on authorative data. Speeding the recording of data and freeing staff from the duplication of administrative effort, it brings ease, efficiency, and immediacy to all the information processes in a school.

A single installation of ClaSS on a web-server allows access to the system for all staff from the classroom, office, or home. All that is neccessary for access is a networked PC (running ANY operating system) loaded with the web-browser Firefox. This provides a single point of access to all information and functions (dependent on access permissions) through a unified and easy to learn web-based user-interface.

Main features:

  • Administration:
  • personalised user profiles based on in-school duties and categorised as pastoral or academic
  • system permissions based on staff responsibilities to tier access to student information
  • log-in authentication using encrypted passwords stored in the database, limited life-time sessions, encrypted cookies and an IP-address check
  • history logging of user access
  • file import tool for staff, student and parental data
  • simple tool for staff to update their email and login details
  • plug-in 'Curriculum Packs' to define courses and subjects for the curriculums of different educational systems and age ranges
  • start-of-year functions to generate the curriculum structure, teaching classes, and to populate class-lists with students
  • integrated forms for posting support requests and bug-reports
  • InfoBook:
  • search facility to find and group students
  • single-page student profile provides a snapshot and a point of entry to all of each individual student's records
  • generic tables for user-defined supplementary information such as prizes, activities, background circumstances, parental contacts, etc.
  • a dedicated section for students with special educational needs (SEN)
  • parental contact information and addresses ordered by priority and with links to siblings
  • supporting information including religious belief, first and second languages, nationality, etc.
  • area for posting staff comments (or referrals) to record praise and concerns, organised by categories
  • area for recording incidents with automatic generation of email alerts to those with an interest or responsibility
  • immediate access to all the past reports for a single student
  • single-page snapshot of academic results to allow a rapid comparative assesment of a students current performance
  • MarkBook:
  • personalised view of teaching classes and class-lists
  • alternate views by subject or course for the staff with relevant responsibilities
  • spreadsheet-style display of marks and grades for individual or multiple classes of students
  • a simple set of functions to operate on columns including averaging, summing, levelling, ranking and copying
  • the export of marks to csv files for import of data into a spreadsheet when more sophisticated analysis is needed
  • a quick but sophisticated hide/show tool to manage the display of large numbers of mark columns
  • a core set of grading schemes and mark-types predefined by each curriculum pack
  • tools to construct user-defined mark-types, grading schemes and levelling boundaries
  • a one-click shortcut to view cross-curricular tracking assessments for an individual student
  • flagging of SEN students and one-click access to their individual profile
  • highlighting of students with recent concerns and one-click posting of fresh comments and concerns
  • linking of mark columns to predefined assessment grades for tracking and reporting
  • compound columns to combine numerous marks into one
  • special columns for editing and viewing subject reports to parents
  • ReportBook:
  • auto-generation of columns in the MarkBook for assessment grades by subject or course
  • overviews of assessment grades for students grouped by year or form
  • averaging and statistics for assessment grades by subject or type of assessment
  • a bank of user-editable report templates for customising the the presentation of subject reports to parents
  • a tool to collate and print subject reports to parents individually, by form-group, or by course
  • a tool to collate and print comments and concerns during a chosen period, again by subject, by form-group or by year-group

last updated on:
April 13th, 2011, 14:56 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
S T Johnson
ROOT \ Information Management
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What's New in version 0.8.63
  • Fix for rare erroneous display of a register as complete when current event is not set.
  • Fix to the cilumn filter in the MarkBook, the new multiple profiles had introduced a problem when anything other than 'All' was selected.
  • Fix to the display of mrs for in the title field caused by an error in the lang file.
  • Labelling of the column filter changed to empahsise R for Reports, as T for tracking is moving to the P for profile assessments.
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